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Minor Burns: CBD Salve Can Help

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It happens every so often. The pot holder does not offer as much coverage as it should, and you burn yourself when reaching into the oven. Or you forget a pan is hot, so you touch it and and up burning yourself. Minor burns like these don't usually require medical treatment, but they can still cause discomforte. One at-home remedy you could try for these types of burns is CBD salve.

What is CBD salve?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a component found in marijuana and hemp plants. Don't worry — it doesn't create a high, as it is a non-psychoactive. However, it does have a wide array of other benefits. Primarily, CBD is known to help reduce inflammation, which is why it's so good for treating and managing an array of conditions. People take CBD oil orally for problems like stress, anxiety, and headaches, but companies have also begun infusing topical salves with the ingredient. 

How does CBD salve work for burns?

CBD salve helps relieve inflammation in and around the burned skin. It also generally calms the nerves in this area, so they stop sending so many pain signals to your brain. This eases the discomfort you are feeling. You should experience some relief within minutes of applying the CBD salve, and the relief should intensify each time you re-apply the salve.

How do you use CBD salve for a burn?

For best results, apply the salve as soon as you notice you've burned yourself. Rub it in gently, and do not place anything, clothing or bandage, over the skin until the salve has had time to absorb into your skin. You can then re-apply the salve every two hours or so until the burn is no longer sore.

When is CBD salve a good remedy to try for a burn?

Be sure to remember that CBD salve is for the treatment of minor burns only. If your burn caused your skin to whiten or turn black, or if it resulted in blistering over more than a 2 - 3 inch patch of skin, then your burn is more serious and you should seek prompt medical treatment.

CBD salve is a good remedy for minor burns, and it is a good item to keep on-hand for multiple health purposes. You can use it for minor cuts, for dry and sensitive skin, and even to treat minor blemishes and pimples.