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Using Monarda Essential Oil For A Stomach Bug: 3 Tips

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If you're struggling with a stomach bug, one remedy you may want to try is monarda essential oil. This essential oil is known for its ability to ease nausea and other digestive systems. It is also a powerful antibacterial and antiviral substance, which means it can help fight off the actual cause of your digestive distress. If you do decide to try monarda essential oil, here are some tips to follow in the process.

Don't ingest it.

Your first thought may be to ingest the essential oil. However, monarda essential oil is not typically consumed. Eating it can be irritating to your digestive tract. It is more useful as an aromatherapeutic substance. In other words, you inhale it, and the scent of the oil is what actually helps heal you.

Diffuse it into your home.

You will get some benefits from applying the oil to your skin and inhaling it, or from taking a shower with some of the monarda essential oil in there. However, since part of your goal here is to kill the bacteria and viruses causing your upset stomach, you also want to diffuse the monarda essential oil into your home. This allows it to kill any pathogens in the air, which will not only help you heal but will also help prevent others in your home from contracting the illness. There are pre-made diffusers you can use to spread the scented oil through your home. Or, you can simmer a little monarda essential oil mixed with water in a pan on your stove.

Keep using it after you feel better.

After a day or two of using monarda essential oil, you will probably feel a lot better. But don't stop using the oil just yet. Instead, keep diffusing it for a few more days. This will help kill any remaining bacteria or viral particles that are still around, so you can continue healing. It will also, again, keep other people in your home from getting sick. In fact, you may want to continue diffusing a little monarda essential oil into your home all throughout the winter and spring when illnesses like this are common.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of how to use monarda essential oil to manage and treat your stomach bug. This oil is really helpful for various purposes, and it is easy to find at most health food stores.