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Ways To Naturally Eliminate Anxiety

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If you are prone to feeling anxious and experiencing frequent panic attacks, control your feelings and reverse negative consequences by adding some natural remedies into your routine. Whenever you feel your stress level rising, try one of the following methods to quickly counteract it and begin to quickly calm down. 


Catnip is an herb that comes from the mint family. Cats often grow excited when inhaling the scent of this plant, but it has a different type of effect on people. If you place a couple tablespoons of dry catnip in a cup and pour boiling water over it, you will have a cup of calming tea. Add sugar, honey, and milk if you would like to enhance the flavor. Catnip contains many vitamins that help to relieve stress, anxiety, and migraines. It also works as a natural digestive aid. Talk to your local natural remedy experts, such as Living It Out, for more advice.

Hot Bath Or Jacuzzi

Getting into a tub of hot water or relaxing in a jacuzzi is very helpful in releasing tension and allowing you to unwind. If you are a nervous wreck and experiencing the characteristics of stress, take a break and allow the steam to work wonders on your mind and body. After relaxing for a bit, you may be very surprised to see how differently you feel about your current situation. Problems will no longer seem as hopeless and you may find that you are able to rest comfortably.


Purchase a special notebook to use to keep track of the way you feel. Sometimes when stress levels rise, there isn't anyone around to speak with and this can make problems seem much worse than they really are. By writing down your feelings, you will unload a lot of what is on your mind and can reflect back on it at a later date to determine what is triggering you to get stressed out. If you can pinpoint what is causing you to feel badly, you can make modifications which will allow you to avoid these negative feelings. 


Join a gym, exercise with a friend, or go on a nature walk. Being active and increasing your heat rate can make you feel great. You will also be proud of your accomplishments. Having a new activity to focus on will take your mind off of your problems and give you something to look forward to. As you reach your goals, you may notice that you aren't feeling anxious as often as you normally do.

Changing your routine and trying some healthy ways to alleviate your stress can be accomplished through trial and error. By keeping an open mind, you will be able to find some useful ways to help you cope when anxiety rears its ugly head.