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Tired And Sluggish? 4 Tips To Increase Your Energy

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Physical and mental fatigue is a common problem not always alleviated by adequate sleep. When you need a boost of energy to get through another day, modifications to your lifestyle can help.

Use Caffeine The Right Way

Although caffeine is a common method of increasing energy and alertness, you may be using too much to reap the benefits. If you drink many cups of caffeinated beverages throughout the day, it is likely that you have built up a tolerance. Give yourself a day or two to reset your body's tolerance to caffeine. You may want to go caffeine-free when you have two or more days off in a row. Now, determine when you typically feel sluggish during the day.

You may have a difficult time starting your day, and feel tired around the middle of the day and again in the afternoon. These are the times when you want to incorporate a small dose of caffeine, such as a shot of espresso or a single cup of coffee. Remember, a serving of coffee is only six ounces. Try to limit yourself to two or three caffeinated beverages, only when you need the extra boost. At other times throughout the day, only drink caffeine-free beverages.

Eat For Energy

Depending on your schedule, breakfast and lunch are the most critical meals for providing energy throughout the day. Therefore, you should be more selective about what you eat for those meals. Think high protein and limit your carbs to slow-burning carbs, such as oatmeal or brown rice. You may even consider skipping the carbs altogether and waiting until dinner.

If you are interested in juicing or smoothies, breakfast is the ideal time to incorporate an energy-boosting beverage as a meal supplement. In addition to fruits and vegetables, use a low-carb protein powder that is nutrient-rich. Frequent, light meals are often recommended for health and weight loss benefits, but also help increase your energy. Large meals will make you feel tired, so it is better to leave your largest meal for a time when the aftereffects do not matter as much.

Get Moving

Exercise is not just for burning calories, but can help you feel revitalized. Take a brief midday stroll on your break, especially if you have the opportunity to walk outside in the sunlight. If you cannot go outside, but have access to a window, try to sit or stand near the window for a while to enjoy the sun.

Another option is to use full-spectrum lights in your work environment to mimic sunlight. You can find other ways to incorporate physical activity into your day to improve energy. You might consider standing up at your desk while you work. Even standing for five minutes every hour can make a difference in your energy level.

Consider Supplements

Many supplements, like those from Genesis Advanced BioScience, can improve your energy. For example, energy drinks often incorporate B vitamins to help boost energy. Some people choose to take B vitamin injections to increase their energy and metabolism. Although increasing your intake of B vitamins will not be harmful, because they are water-soluble nutrients and the excess is excreted in your urine, you may only notice benefits if you have a vitamin deficiency. If your diet is mostly healthy and balanced, you are unlikely to achieve any additional benefits by incorporating more B vitamins.

If you are interested in herbal supplements for energy, one well-known herb is ginseng. Ginseng has the advantage of improving physical energy, but also increasing mental clarity and alertness. Since ginseng is widely available, you can often find the herb incorporated into retail products, such as energy drinks, teas or energy supplements.

Changing your lifestyle to focus on improving your physical and mental energy can help alleviate daily fatigue. By trying different strategies, you can find the combination that works best for your schedule and energy needs.