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Women's Wellness Tips: 4 Foods And Drinks To Maintain Young, Attractive Skin

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For most -- if not all -- women, they want to look beautiful and young regardless of their age. Unfortunately, the older that you get, the more fine lines and wrinkles that are going to appear on your face and even the rest of your body. As these appear, you will realize that your skin as well as the rest of your body and health need significant attention. The care that your body needs isn't necessarily on the outside, though; instead, you need to devote some time to what you are putting inside your body. Believe it or not, the foods and fluids that you are consuming have a lot to do with how your body looks on the outside and even feels. So, in order to maintain healthy skin and overall wellness and beauty, you need to ensure you are consuming a balanced intake of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Here are some foods and drinks to consider incorporating into your diet:

1. Strawberries

Rich in vitamin C, strawberries may be able to assist in the prevention of age-related problems. Research has shown that individuals who consume vitamin C-rich foods, such as strawberries, are less likely to have to deal with age-related problems with the skin than those that do not eat these foods. Specifically, the vitamin C in the strawberries can help fight off free radicals that often destroy collagen, which is what keeps skin tight. If you have problems with acne, or if you just want to prevent it, strawberries can definitely help thanks to their acidic nature, which allows them to remove any excess oil that is present in the skin.

2. Coffee

The worst type of skin cancer that one can be diagnosed with is known as melanoma. Researchers have found that there is a way to reduce your risk of developing this type of skin cancer aside from minimizing your type in the sun and taking preventative measures while out in the sun: drink coffee. In fact, one specific study has shown that you can experience a 20 percent reduction in your risk by drinking at least four cups of coffee daily. Just keep in mind that decaf coffee won't provide you with these benefits. 

3. & 4. Tomatoes and Pink Grapefruits

Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant that has several health and skin benefits. While it can help fight off cancer and prevent diabetes, it also has anti-aging properties that help to keep your skin supple, attractive and younger looking. In addition, it also has the ability to protect your skin from the sun and essentially acts as a sunscreen from inside the body. Lycopene can be found in a number of different fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, pink grapefruits, papaya, and watermelon. 

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