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CBD Oil For Pain: Who Can Take It, Who Should Try It, And How

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CBD oil is the non-hallucinogenic liquid extraction of medical marijuana plants. It is now legal in almost every state, and has been used to treat a number of ailments from ADHD to chronic pain. A 1 oz CBD pure pain relief bottle contains about twenty to thirty doses. If you need it for pain, here are the current proven facts of the product in regards to pain.

​Anti-Inflammatory for Chronic Pain

​Opioids are addictive. They attach to special receptors in the brain that cause you to feel less or no pain. You cannot stop taking them once you are addicted. 

On the flip side, the medicinal properties in CBD oil bond to the same​ receptors in your brain. The help reduce the inflammation and pain in the body too, but they leave nothing behind that can cause addiction. There does not appear to be any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever either, when or if you stop taking the oil for a few days.

Insomnia Cure When Pain Is Involved

​If you have a lot of pain that keeps you awake at night, CBD oil helps with that as well. As it reduces pain, you are able to find a more comfortable position. CBD oil is naturally calming, too, which means that your mind and body together relax into a peaceful, comfortable state. Then you can sleep better than you have in a while.

​Treating Pain Associated with Cancer

​The studies are not fully conclusive yet, but it seems that CBD oil can stop and/or reverse some tumors. If the oil does help you in this regard, you may need to continue taking it until the tumors are no longer present and cancer cells are not present in the body. It definitely appears to help with pain related to the treatments of cancers and cancerous growths. It seems to help with nausea as well, allowing you to regain your appetite so that you can eat and heal faster. 

MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MD, Etc.

​Any autoimmune disorder or disease that is accompanied by pain can be treated with 1 oz CBD pure pain relief tincture. You will have to consult with your doctor or with a natural medicine healer to see how much CBD oil you should supplement your diet with. Then buy the best oil on the market and begin taking your recommended dosage for your particular pain condition right away. You should notice some relief starting within a few days.