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Tips For Using CBD Oil For Migraine Management

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CBD oil has a profound impact on the body. It reduces systemic inflammation, affects the transmission of nerve impulses, and has an overall relaxing effect. One specific purpose for which you might want to use CBD oil is in the treatment of migraines. You can either use it as your sole treatment or in conjunction with a prescription or over-the-counter medication. If you do decide to use CBD oil for the treatment of migraines, here are a couple of tips to follow.

1. Take a daily dose.

Rather than just waiting for a migraine to come on, you'll want to take a daily dose of CBD oil as a preventative. This should help keep your inflammation levels low all day long, decreasing your risk of a migraine. (Migraines are thought to be due, in part, to inflammation in the tissues that surround blood vessels in certain parts of the brain.) Take your CBD oil at the same time each day. Some patients prefer to take it once a day, whereas others take it morning and night. 

2. Start with a low dose.

Determining your dose of CBD oil can take a little experimenting. It's not like Tylenol where you just take two pills regardless of your weight. Different people react to CBD differently. You might need 5 drops, or you might need 20. Start with a lower dose of 5 drops and see how you do. If you are still getting migraines, increase your dose. If you're still getting migraines after that, increase your dose a bit more.

3. Keep a topical on hand.

Even when you're taking CBD oil regularly, you might get the occasional migraine that pops through. Keep a package of topical CBD on hand so you can apply it to your forehead when you do feel a migraine coming on. With any luck, this can nip the migraine in the bud and keep it from developing fully. CBD lotion, a roll-on formula, or a formula that comes in a stick-like lip balm work well.

4. Source your CBD well.

Make sure you get your CBD from a reputable source. The industry is rather new and unregulated, so some products may not be as potent as others. Read reviews before purchasing, and look for a company that releases its lab results to show you exactly what is in each of their bottles of CBD oil. The better quality your product, the better your relief will be.