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Staying Active And Healthy During A Quarantine

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Can't make it to the gym right now? This is not the time to abandon your health and fitness goals; in fact, staying active can help alleviate the anxiety and worry of dealing with a crisis, such as a quarantine. Social isolation can take a toll on your health and wellness, both physically and mentally. Use these tips to maintain an active body and healthy mind during such stressful times.

Emotional Upheaval

Humans are social creatures, so when quarantined, they can experience a type of emotional upheaval from the situation. This goes beyond physical effects, as isolation can cause sadness, hopelessness, annoyance, anger, anxiety, and irritation. Since physical activity releases feel-good endorphins, it makes sense that physical activity is the perfect remedy for loneliness associated with a quarantine.

Negative Impacts

So, what happens when you can't get up and go to the gym? The negative impacts are many, and include depression, fear, and substance use or abuse. Anyone struggling with mental health issues is more at risk for severe symptoms, including panic attacks, mood lability, and PTSD symptoms. Furthermore, sudden cessation of workout regimens for just a month can erode any achievements previously made, including lower endurance, less muscle mass, and higher cholesterol levels.

Physical Activity

Bring the gym to your home; get back to basics. Consider ways to use items in the house for resistance training, like a wall, the floor, or a chair. Work on perfecting your form and complete a series of squats, push-ups, crunches, and lunges. March in place, raise your knees high, and step quickly to get your heart rate up.

Coping Mechanisms

This is also a great time to adopt other healthy coping strategies that can keep your spirits up and motivation on par. Try meditation and progressive relaxation through deep, focused breathing; also, combat loneliness by reaching out to others virtually. Send private messages to others and video chat to engage with others in meaningful ways.

Other Advice

At times like these it helps to practice kindness whenever possible. Consider others that might be stuck but that could be sick, lonely, or suffering; reaching out can do wonders for both of you—including providing a feeling of engagement that improves your own health and well being.

Under quarantine? Don't let being stuck inside derail your health and fitness goals. Physical activity is an integral part of holistic health, especially during trying times. Try these tips to preserve your well being when you can't get to the gym or when you are quarantined to your home.