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Guidelines for Starting Your Dog on CBD

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Many dog owners have found that CBD helps their dogs. It can be a good anxiety-reliever. It can also help ease inflammation due to conditions like arthritis. CBD is quite safe for dogs, but there are still some tips and guidelines to keep in mind as you begin to use it.

1. Opt for infused dog treats over liquid CBD products.

You'll find liquid CBD products, like CBD oil, that are marketed either strictly for dog use—or even for human and dog use. While these products may be the cheapest way to administer CBD to your dog, they are not necessarily your best choice. Dogs don't always like the taste, and it's not always easy to adjust the dose.

CBD-infused dog treats are a much better choice, especially when you are first starting to use CBD. They come pre-dosed with a specific amount, so you know exactly how much CBD your dog is getting. Usually, the treats contain 5 mg of CBD each, which allows you to easily adjust the dose in small increments without breaking treats apart.

2. Start with a 5mg dose and record any results. 

Just as humans have to do a little experimenting to find the right CBD dose, so do dogs. Of course, your dog can't tell you when they feel better, but you can observe and track their symptoms to arrive at the right dose. For the first few days, give your dog just one 5 mg CBD treat. Write down how they are acting and any symptoms they are displaying. If their symptoms are not greatly improved, increase the dose to 10 mg, or two treats. Again, write down what happens. Keep increasing the dose, a little at a time, until the symptoms are where you want them to be.

3. Let your vet know.

Although CBD is generally safe for dogs, it can cause some interactions with certain medications, and some dogs may have mild reactions, such as excessive drowsiness or dry mouth. So, it's always a good idea to let your vet know when you are starting to use CBD for your dog. This way, they can more easily diagnose any issues that come up, and they can prescribe other medications with your CBD use in mind.

Many dogs experience great benefits from CBD. If you use pre-dosed treats, journal as you adjust the dose, and keep your vet in the loop, your dog can benefit, too. Contact services like Gemstonz to learn more about CBD dog treats.