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What To Consider When Buying CBD Products

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The CBD industry has practically exploded over the past few years. There are so many different brands and products to choose from. Having a good selection is certainly beneficial — but it can also make choosing the right CBD product a little harder. Your best bet is to go about things systematically and consider each product for what it is. Here are the top things to consider when buying CBD products.

Lab Testing

Check to see whether the CBD product is lab tested. You want to see two types of tests. The first is a test for potency, which tells you whether the CBD product really contains as much CBD as the label says it does. The second is a test for purity. This test should indicate whether the CBD contains any less-than-ideal products. Most CBD companies are happy to share their lab test results openly on their website. So, give them a quick look over before you buy a particular product.


Some CBD products are stronger than others. For example, one bottle of CBD oil may contain 1000 mg CBD, while another contains 3000 mg. You should be able to tell the potency just by looking at the label. Although it can be tempting to just reach for the most potent product you can find, this is not a wise approach. Instead, you want to look for a product that fits your particular needs.

If you're new to CBD, a less-potent CBD product is usually ideal. Low-potency products also work better in the daytime since they tend to make you less drowsy. If you're an experienced user, using CBD only at night, or using CBD for intense PTSD or anxiety, then you'll likely want a more potent product.

Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, or CBD Isolate

There are three key types of CBD extract used in these products. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the other compounds from hemp. Broad-spectrum CBD contains most of the other compounds, and CBD isolate contains only CBD. In most cases, full-spectrum products are the most effective because the other hemp compounds enhance the effects of CBD. However, there can be tiny traces of THC in these full-spectrum products, and if you wish to avoid that, a CBD isolate product may be better.

If you consider the key factors above, you can make wise choices when it comes to your CBD products. 

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