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The Benefits Of Pelvic Floor Tightening Chairs

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It is not uncommon for women to experience the weakening of pelvic floor muscles. Often, this weakening occurs after pregnancy, but it can also be associated with the hormonal changes that occur during menopause. There are many medical options for pelvic floor tightening, ranging from surgery to physical therapy. One option that's becoming more commonplace is pelvic floor tightening chairs. If you opt for this treatment, you visit a doctor's office and sit on a specialized chair that triggers your muscles to contract, leading to an increase in tone over time. So, what are the benefits of using a pelvic floor tightening chair? Take a look.

The procedure is non-invasive

Many women struggle with incontinence and a weak pelvic floor for years before they do something about it because they don't want to deal with pain, a long healing period, or the other consequences of an invasive procedure. Pelvic floor tightening chairs provide care without any incisions or other invasive medical techniques. The procedure does not cause pain, there is no recovery to speak of, and you don't need to take time off to heal. This makes pelvic floor tightening chairs much safer and more approachable than surgery and similar techniques.

You see improvement quickly

With some physical therapy routines, acupuncture, and similar treatments, you have to go through numerous sessions before you see an improvement. This is not the case with pelvic floor tightening procedures. Most patients see an improvement after just one session. They see more improvements with continued treatment.

It treats multiple issues related to a weak pelvic floor

Since the chair works on a wide range of muscles in your pelvic region, it has a long list of ailments it can treat. If you have trouble controlling your flow of urine, a pelvic tightening chair will help. It can also help women who have trouble orgasming, those who struggle with vaginal laxity, and those who have a lack of sensation in the vaginal region. An improvement in any or all of these symptoms can lead to greater self-confidence and an easier, healthier lifestyle overall.

If you are a woman who struggles with a weak pelvic floor, consider pelvic floor tightening chair treatments. This non-invasive approach is highly sought-after for good reasons. Talk to your doctor to learn more, or to see whether your insurance covers this procedure.

Reach out to a provider to learn more about pelvic floor tightening chairs, such as the BTL Emsella Chair.